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Summary of PPG Patient Survey 2015 Findings


Of 581 PRG members, 332 responded – a response rate of 57%. This is slightly down on the response a year ago. However, it is known that another PPG is pleased with a response rate of just below 30%. It is therefore gratifying that our members respond well and therefore gives more credence to the survey.


The Action points listed will be taken up with the Surgery at the next Patient Participation Group meeting on 13 May 2015.

1.  Appointment times

Over 98% of respondents had visited the surgery in the past year to see either a doctor or nurse which was slightly up on last year.

Compared to last year, appointments that were on time nearly doubled from 25.8% to 49.69%.  The figures for appointments over 20 minutes also reduced from 10.5% to 7.10%.  This is a very creditable performance. However, although the actual numbers are low, 69.57%, which is approximately a 10% increase over last year, were not informed that appointments were running over 20 minutes late.

ACTION That the surgery be congratulated on their improvement with appointment times but they be asked to increase their efforts in advising patients when appointments are running over 20 minutes late.

 2.  Urgent medical assistance

51.24 per cent of respondents had had to call the surgery for an urgent matter. Of those only 5.63% did not wait to see or speak to a doctor but went to a pharmacy or Bracknell Urgent Care Centre or A&E.  No respondents phoned 111 or 999.

The remaining respondents either saw a doctor or nurse or spoke to one on the phone on the same day.

 3. Test Results

Over half of respondents - 56.10% – did not realise it was their responsibility to chase up test results. This level is far too high but is a surprise in that doctors and nurses advise patients of the need to ring in for results.  Let’s hope the survey may have educated some of the respondents.

 ACTION That the need for patients to phone in for results be re-emphasised and an appropriate notice be placed on the PPG noticeboard. 

          i)   Problems  90.85% had not experienced any problems with the current system. Of the   comments made these will be seen by the surgery. The only matter that had more than one complaint was samples which were either lost or contaminated.

ACTION That the surgery be asked if loss/contamination of blood samples are a problem and if so, what the procedure is in such cases.

 4.  SMS

Respondents who have registered for this service is up from 35.7% to 44.41%.  Although people not aware of the service are down by about 10% it is still quite high at 27.33%.

ACTION Further advertising of this service needs to be undertaken.

 5.  Website visitors

The number of patients visiting the surgery’s website is very gratifying, up from 18.6% to 40.37%.  Of these 94.69% found the website easy or fairly easy to use which is very reassuring in view of PPG member’s involvement.

 6.  Patient Access (on-line Services)

A disappointing 45.04% have registered and that 28.26% of those that have not, cannot see any advantages in so doing.   However it must be remembered that about 21% completed paper surveys and presumably do not have a computer

ACTION That an advertising campaign be launched to attract more patients to use the on-line services re-emphasizing the benefits  and for those that have not got round to registering they be advised that from our survey over 94% found the website instructions to Patient Access either easy or fairly easy.

 7.  Smoking

It is gratifying that only about 2.5% of our respondents smoked and all of them were aware of the Free Smoking Cessation Clinic.  Only one of the eight smokers who completed the survey would find the clinic of interest which is a shame.

 8.  Previous Surveys

Only 41.12% had read the email giving the report of our last survey. This figure is a little misleading as 30.84% were taking part in our survey for the first time which conversely is good.

 9.  Paper Surveys

Some respondents to the paper survey, wrote comments on them that were not part of the survey. To be fair to the patients who filled in the survey online who did not have this opportunity, the comments have not been listed here but have been forwarded to the surgery.


We would reiterate our thanks to the PRG members who took the time to complete the survey and would like to welcome the 30% who completed the survey for the first time.


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