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Patient Survey Results Feb 2015

All statistics shown on this report are taken directly from Survey Monkey


1. The Surgery


Have you visited the surgery to see a doctor or nurse in the last 12 months?

Yes                  98.19%            (326)

No                   1.81%              (6)


2. Waiting times

2.1 On your last visit to the surgery, how long did you have to wait to be seen?

 My appointment was on time/seen within 5 minutes             49.69%            (161)

Between 5 and 20 minutes                                                     43.21%            (140)

More than 20 minutes                                                             7.10%              (23)


 2.2 If more than 20 minutes, were you informed that your appointment was running late?

Yes                  30.43%            (7)

No                   69.57%            (16)


3. Medically Urgent Appointments

3.1 In the last year, have you needed to call the Surgery to speak to the Doctor or make an appointment    regarding an urgent matter?

 Yes                 51.24%                      (165)

No                   48.76%                        (157)


 3.2 When you called the surgery regarding an urgent matter, which answer/s best suits your experience?

(More than one box ticked if appropriate)

 Was given an appointment that day                                                             41.25%            (66)

Waited for doctor to call back within 2 hours                                                 43.75%            (70)

Waited over 2 hours for doctor to call back                                                   19.38%            (31)

Had to call surgery more than once before receiving call back from doctor   1.88%              (3)

Did not wait to speak to doctor                                                                        5.63%             (9)


 3.3 What did you do if you did not wait to speak to the Doctor?

Dialled 111                                                                  0.00%             (0)

Dialled 999                                                                  0.00%             (0)

Phoned/spoke to pharmacy                                       25.00%            (1)

Phoned/attended Bracknell Urgent Care Centre       25.00%            (1)

Phoned/attended other local Walk-in centre              0.00%              (0)

Went straight to A&E by my own means                   50.00%             (2)


4. Test Results

4.1 Are you aware it is the patient’s responsibility to make sure ALL test results have been returned to the Surgery and whether a follow up appointment with the Doctor/Nurse is required?

Yes                                                                  43.90% (144)

No                                                                   56.10% (184)


4.2 What made you aware it was your responsibility?

 From information given on the Surgery reception area TV screen   13.53%            (18)

The surgery website                                                                           1.50%              (2)

Already knew from experience                                                          84.96%            (113)


Other (please state in the text box below)

No responses


4.3 Have you ever had a problem with the current test result system?

Yes                  9.15%              (13)

No                   90.85%           (129)


4.4 If you answered yes, please give a brief detail in the text box below 

  • Hospital x-ray disclosed issues which the radiographer questioned me about. The surgery subsequently telephoned me to give me the all clear, without any explanation. The physical problem remains. I did not feel the surgery handled the matter in a personalised way.
  • Some results go straight to the doctor and we then need an appointment to discuss the results I rang for an appointment and was told X ray results from Bracknell had been received by doctor. Xray receptionist/clerical assistant stated no remarks on results written by doctor so nothing to report to me.  Very  unsatisfactory.
  • Although I was assured from the nurse who was doing my yearly diabetic check to date I have not heard from a diabetic nurse. This issue needs to be looked at
  • The hospital lost my blood samples
  • Had to go more than four times and was given creams and medication. Then given an appointment to see a specialist
  • I disagree with it
  • It was difficult for the receptionist to find the scan results because apparently there are 2 systems.
  • I had an infection and the doctors gave antibiotics which didn't work and 3 times they changed it, then said it will dry by itself but it didn't dry, then again I took appointment and the doctor examined and referred me to hospital, there the doctor examined and told get the MRI done quickly, and I got the MRI appointment letter after 2 months, I was really frustrated because that infection was from the month of August and it's February now and still it's unsorted, I’m very upset with it and also some rude doctors like Dr.Harper, she is very rude and give suggestions which are not relevant.
  • Test Results took over a week to be on the surgery system
  • Following a bone density scan at hospital I was not given any result. On asking Reception I was told as the Dr. had seen the results and not commented there was no need to follow up. On a later visit to the Dr. some months later I raised the question, to be told I needed medication. Now I always ask for test results.
  • Reception staff will offer results but are unclear on next follow up
  • Sample was contaminated and I was not advised until I chased it up
  • Receptionist can only give very basic information - not particularly reassuring


5. SMS Messaging

5.1 Have you registered for SMS Messaging? (Alerts sent to your mobile phone)

 Yes                                                    44.41%                      (143)

Not interested in this service              28.26%                        (91)                             

Not aware of this service                    27.33%                        (88)


6. Website

6.1 Have you visited the surgery’s website?

Yes                  40.37%                        (132)

No                   59.63%                        (195)


6.2 How did you find the website to navigate?

Easy                39.39%                        (52)

Fairly easy      55.30%                        (73)

Quite difficult   5.30%                          (7)

Difficult            0.00%                          (0)


6.3 Have you registered for Patient Access (On-line Services)?

Yes                  45.04%                        (59)

No                   54.96%                        (72)


6.4 How would you rate your experience registering for On-line Services?

Easy                49.18%                        (30)

Fairly easy      45.90%                        (28)

Quite difficult   4.92%                          (3)

Difficult            0.00%                          (0)


6.5 What is your reason for not registering?

Haven’t got around to registering at the surgery                    71.74%                        (33)

Cannot see any advantages for online services                    28.26%                        (13)     

Any other reason, (please give a brief detail in the text box below)

  • Did not know about it
  • Use surgery so rarely it is not worth it and it is easier to book appts in  person anyway
  • Was unaware of this system and wouldn’t know how to go about it
  • Did not know you could register for online services
  • Registered then lost the password and it was a complete pain in the proverbial to go through doing it all again
  • I tried a number of times and the doctor was not registered for Woosehill surgery and not accepted
  • Have to confess didn’t take too much notice of it. I don’t really know what it’s for
  • Did not know about it before this survey
  • Only just found about the facility, will register in near future
  • I don’t think I am registered. It doesn’t ring a bell so probably not aware
  • Am still considering it
  • Not aware of this service
  • Says not available online need to visit surgery last time I checked
  • Don’t know how to register
  • Wasn’t aware of this service
  • I intend to register shortly as I can see it may be useful
  • I don’t know what  that means or what the benefits are
  • When I tried it didn’t work and have not been back to surgery to get new ID and password etc
  • I don’t know what you are referring to
  • Don’t know the advantages
  • Need to check it out, haven’t done so yet
  • Not notified it was available
  • Not aware of it, or what it entails/benefits
  • Message told me I couldn’t register online


7. Giving up smoking clinic

7.1 Do you smoke?

 Yes                  2.46%              (8)

No                   97.54%           (317)


7.2 Are you aware of the free products and services currently offered at the Surgery’s Free Smoking Cessation clinic?

Yes                  100%               (8)

No                   0.00%              (0)


7.3 Would you consider this clinic to be of interest to you?

Yes                  14.29%                        (1)

No                   85.71%                        (6)


8. Previous Surveys completed online

8.1 If you took part in our January and/or June survey last year by email, did you read the reports of our findings?

Yes                                                                              41.12%          (132)

No                                                                               14.95%            (48)

No, don’t remember receiving them by email             13.08%            (42)

Didn’t take part                                                            30.84%            (99)


Please tell us a little about yourself

Male                            37.62%                        (120)

Female                        62.38%                        (199)


How old are you?

Under 16                     0.62%                            (2)

17-44                           11.18%                        (36)

45-74                           67.08%                       (216)

75-80                           11.49%                        (37)

Over 80                       9.63%                          (31)


Do you have any long standing illness, disability or infirmity. By long standing we mean anything that is likely to affect you long term?

Yes                                                                  52.96%                     (170)

No                                                                   45.48%                     (146)

Prefer not to say                                             1.56%                          (5)


Which ethnic group do you belong to (please tick one box)?

White (British, Irish or Other white European)           96.27%          (310)

Asian or Asian British                                                 2.17%               (7)

Black or Black British                                                  0.93%               (3)

Mixed background                                                      0.31%              (1)

Chinese                                                                       0.00%              (0)

Other ethnic group                                                      0.31%              (1)


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